Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • When I needed money in a crunch, Prosperity Partners stepped in and solved my dilemma. They created a plan that gave me the most money possible with the least amount of stress. The personal touch I felt, swayed me to choose them among others in their industry. Every step of the way I felt taken care of and knew that I was important. The employees at Prosperity Partners really do care about their clients.
    Kathy N. - Anthem, AZ
  • Very easy process. I was scared at first, but the professionals at Prosperity Partners took the time to explain everything and address my concerns. Two transactions later, they have more than proven themselves to me. Among all of the companies I dealt with, they have a stellar reputation proven by actions, rather than words.
    Gary C. - Mesa, AZ
  • Prosperity Partners helped me get through a period I could not work. They structured a transaction that kept me secure and allowed me to recover and get back on my feet without the stress I normally face. I kept some of my monthly payment to live on and got a lump sum that gave me the opportunity to catch up without any headaches.
    Robert G. - Pelham, AL
  • My husband and I were in a financial bind. After our family experienced a crisis, we were forced to investigate selling our payments. After our first call to Prosperity Partners we knew we had found the right organization to assist us.
    Cindy K. - Tucson, AZ
  • I was able to buy a house for my family. It is our first house we have owned and with a new baby on the way it is just in time. My family’s future is sound and secure thanks to the money we were able to get with Prosperity Partners’s help
    Brice N. - Aurora, CO
  • I felt that the process involved in selling my payments was difficult, however Prosperity Partners allayed my fears and smoothed out any bumps in the road. I would definitely utilize their services again.
    Reinaldo O. - Albuquerque, NM
  • The level of professionalism exhibited by Prosperity Partners impressed me. I came back to them because of the way I was treated on my first sale. Anyone that investigates consolidating their future payments is cheating themselves if they don’t go with Prosperity Partners.
    Brooke B. - Corpus Christi, TX
  • I cannot believe the amount of care I experienced at Prosperity Partners. Anytime I had a question or a problem they were there to assist me. From the first time I called them they were courteous and helpful. The employees at Prosperity Partners more than proved that they really do care.
    Danielle D. - Tampa, FL
  • I was behind on some bills and not working. By doing this transaction I was able to get a fresh start. I purchased a car that allowed me to get to and from work. My future is vastly improved and my financial worrying has come to an end.
    Michael H. - Chesapeake, VA
  • My wife and I used this money to make improvements on our house. We increased its equity and made our living situation much nicer. The benefits of doing a transaction far outweighed the costs and we expect a nice return on our investment. Economically speaking, Prosperity Partners helped us tremendously. We appreciate the time and effort that Prosperity Partners put towards improving our lifestyle.
    Timothy S. - Charleston, WV