Lottery Winnings

Prosperity Partners Will Pay You Cash Now for your Future Lottery Annuity Payments

Prosperity Partners Inc. will customize a payment schedule to suit your specific goals and needs. Together we can review your current financial situation and your future needs to formulate a customized payment plan that works for you.

No-Hassle Cost Analysis When You Sell Your Lottery Payments
Let us buy your lottery winnings and turn your future payments into the money you need now. Our customized approach will service your needs in the most cost effective means possible.

For a no hassle cost analysis, contact us at or by phone Toll Free at 1-800-509-1648.

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Visit our Required Documents Section below for more information.

Custom Lottery Payout Solutions: Get your lump sum today with a customized purchase program from Prosperity Partners.

  • Do you want to leave some future payments that you can count on in the years to come?
  • Do you want us to buy your lottery payments for a one-time lump sum cash payout?
  • Would you prefer a more conservative series of larger-than-average disbursements?

Prosperity Partners Inc. will buy your future payments from a lottery settlement. We offer alternative cash flow funding with lump sum cash buyouts for lottery winnings and structured lottery settlements - Request a Free Quote.

The value of your future deferred lottery payments from a structured settlement will significantly depreciate over the traditional 20-25 year payoff schedule. Often, recipients of structured lottery payments receive quite a bit less than the initial amount offered by the State lottery.

Let Prosperity Partners accelerate your future lottery annuity payments for the cash you need today. You can receive a sizable portion of your money all at once.

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  • Lottery Award Letter (from state lottery commission)
  • A copy of your most recent Lottery Check or Check Stub
  • If direct deposit, attach copy of bank statement showing deposit
  • A copy of front page of most recent Tax Return
  • Copies of two forms of identification (one must be clear photo I.D.)
  • A copy of Marriage License (if applicable)
  • A copy of Divorce Decree(s) and property settlement(s) (if applicable)
  • A copy of the Will and Probate Papers if you are receiving payments as the result of a probated estate
  • Copies of any Assignments, Revisions, or other important payments related to your lottery winnings
  • Copies of all important papers related to your bankruptcy discharge, if applicable(if applicable)
Really all we need is your Lottery Award Letter and proof of your most recent lottery payment to begin the process.

For a no hassle cost analysis, contact us at or by phone
Toll Free at 1-800-509-1648.