Eliminate your periodic annuity payments from a structured settlement and receive a lump sum, direct cash payout now.

Let us tailor a deal that meets your specific financial needs and goals. We’ll review your current annuity payment stream and purchase only the necessary settlement payments.

You can choose to sell all your annuity payments or just a portion of your future settlement installments:

  • Get a lump sum payout in cash
  • Or choose a more comfortable series of larger-than-average future payments with advanced funding
For over 11 years Prosperity Partners Inc. has offered clients flexible cash flow funding alternatives for their structured annuity payments from settlement agreements that include:
  • Wrongful death
  • Product liability
  • And personal injury claims

Sell your future annuity payments from a structured settlement to a buyer who specializes in purchasing deferred payment obligations and structured settlement agreements.

If you cannot wait out your annuity settlement terms, we can help.

Find out how to eliminate periodic annuity payments from a structured settlement.