PPI is a discounted cash-flow funder.

Cash-flow discounting to prize winners & annuity payment recipients

Prosperity Partners Inc. began by advancing Lottery winnings in the 90s.

Lottery winners at that time did not have the option to take all the money at once. So we offered them an alternative. “Get your money sooner!”

So who else is waiting for their money? People who win settlements that are structured to pay out in regular installments over time. Settlement brokers work with insurance companies to create a payment schedule, usually provided via an annuity. Prosperity Partners, Inc. is not a settlement broker, we work with annuity recipients, advancing future payments via court order.

Prosperity Partners is a discounted cash-flow funder.

Lottery winners and annuity recipients receive payments spread out over time. Monthly, annually, or otherwise, Prosperity Partners offers a lump sum in advance of the maturity of the schedule payout, at a discounted rate. This means that selling $100,000 payable over 20 years can be advanced but not for the full amount of the payout.

Prosperity Partners is not a factoring company.

What is factoring?

a method commonly used to compute the amount of interest to be refunded or credited because a loan is being paid off before maturity the selling by a firm of its accounts receivable before their due date, usually at a discount.