Since 1993, Prosperity Partners Inc.,

has made money available to structured settlement and prize winning clients by converting future annuity payments and lottery winnings to cash when they need it - now. A structured settlement and annuity factoring company, you can turn to Prosperity Partners, Inc. to accelerate your annuity payout for immediate access to your funds to meet current and future financial needs.

Prosperity Partners, Inc. provides a valuable service for our clients by turning future annuity payments as a result of a structured settlement, insurance settlement or lottery winning into a cash payout – and peace of mind.

Structured Annuity and Lawsuit Settlements

Typical structured settlements make payments to the annuitant or structured settlement holder over a fixed period of time, often years. This can be any personal injury or other insurance settlement that is structured as a deferred payment obligation on a restrictive schedule of disbursement. We also purchase annuity payments that were set up as an investment.

Prosperity Partners will work with you to answer any questions you may have about the value of your future payments, or simply when the time is right to sell your payments and the best factoring options available to maximize the time value of money discount on your transaction.

Lottery Prize Winnings & Awards

As a Lottery Winner, you no longer have to wait years for your money. You can now obtain a considerable portion of your money through a lump sum payout and be free of your restrictive deferred payment schedule.Accelerate your annuity payout and turn some or all of your future annuity payments into cash now with the Industry Leader, Prosperity Partners.

We buy structured settlements, Lottery Winnings & Annuities

Prosperity Partners Inc. began by advancing lottery winnings in the 90's

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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • My wife and I used this money to make improvements on our house. We increased its equity and made our living situation much nicer. The benefits of doing a transaction far outweighed the costs and we expect a nice return on our investment. Economically speaking, Prosperity Partners helped us tremendously. We appreciate the time and effort that Prosperity Partners put towards improving our lifestyle.
    Timothy S. - Charleston, WV
  • This money allowed me to go to college and take all the steps I promised myself. I feel I got a very fair price and the service was unparalleled. PPI was a great company to work with. I shopped around before doing this and I KNOW that I got the best deal from the best company in the industry.
    Diane B. - Chicago, IL
  • The level of professionalism exhibited by Prosperity Partners impressed me. I came back to them because of the way I was treated on my first sale. Anyone that investigates consolidating their future payments is cheating themselves if they don’t go with Prosperity Partners.
    Brooke B. - Corpus Christi, TX
  • My transaction was fast and easy. Prosperity Partners got me more money than other companies promised and made me feel good about dealing with them. I caught up on my bills and got a head start on my future. I cannot think of anything they could do to improve. Everything was done quick, well and with care.
    James T. - Moses Lake, WA
  • I was able to buy a house for my family. It is our first house we have owned and with a new baby on the way it is just in time. My family’s future is sound and secure thanks to the money we were able to get with Prosperity Partners’s help
    Brice N. - Aurora, CO
  • I was treated warmly and fairly. Everything promised was delivered. Prosperity Partners is a great company.
    Lisa B. - Douglas, GA
  • I got the money I needed to repair my home. Prosperity Partners configured the transaction to best suit my needs and arranged it that I still kept part of my payments. Thank you PPI.
    Bobbie C. - St. Joseph, MO
  • I was informed of everything up front. PPI worked diligently and honestly to assist me in cashing in my settlement early. I originally shopped around searching other companies, but Prosperity Partners beat all of them in professionalism and honesty. I will recommend them to anyone.
    David F. - Lilburn, GA
  • The customer service I received at Prosperity Partners Inc, was the best I have ever experienced. I would happily encourage friends and families to utilize their services.
    Heather W. - Colorado Springs, CO
  • From the first time I spoke with Prosperity Partners, they were courteous, professional, and made me feel at ease trusting them to get the job done. The timeframe was shorter than I thought it would be, and it allowed me to purchase my new home in plenty of time. Thank you PPI!
    Matthew K. - Lancaster, PA